Authentic flavors of ancient Crete

In 2012, a small group of archaeologists, potters, and cooks in the Lassithi prefecture of the island of Crete began fashioning meals based on the Minoan culture, circa 2700 to 1450 BCE. Lamb braised in enormous earthenware pots over wood fires, wild asparagus tossed over the embers at the last minute, olives plucked from nearby trees and cured in salt. What started out as an academic experience morphed into the most fantastic of dinner parties, all committed to the meticulous recreation of an authentic Minoan meal.

Today, we welcome people from around the globe to join us under the prickly oak trees of Crete to learn more about this fascinating culture, cook in Minoan-style pots over live fire, and share a meal you won’t soon forget. You absolutely must join us one of these days!

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