Jerolyn E. Morrison, PhD


Minoan Tastes is a social enterprise promoting the culinary history of ancient Crete by working together with a network of food experts, historians, potters, and archaeologists. Minoan Tastes was developed out of the desire to present scientific knowledge in a more tangible way for modern people so that they can better understand how ancient people that lived during the Minoan time period (ca. 3000-5000 years ago) performed daily activities. Our method of preparing food in ceramic Minoan-style cooking pots using food ingredients that were available only during the Minoan times over a hearth-fire allows our guests to engage all of their senses with investigating ancient life.

Beyond bridging the past and present cultures of Crete, we strive to build ambassadorial relationships between peoples of different nationalities. This has served well in both educational and tourist venues. In addition to the humanitarian appeal, we focus on trendy culinary issues, such as farm-to-table, slow food, and dietary measures and means for holistic cooking and eating.

In 2015, Minoan Tastes began providing services for private parties and resorts as a DBA of Ceramic Cooking Pot, LLC. In addition to services (thematic dinners and cooking lessons),